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In order to know what the IP internet connection address is and if you are connected via a proxy cache server

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Your IP is:

You are connected to internet via a proxy cache server: <%=request.servervariables("REMOTE_ADDR")%>

Your connection does NOT operate via a proxy cache server.

Name of your connection:


To find out if your IP is dynamic or static follow these steps:

  1. Close all the windows of your browser (Firefox, IExplorer, etc.)
  2. Disconnect your PC from internet (in the case of some connections this is not necessary)
  3. Turn off and restart the modem or router (according to the connection)
  4. If the modem or router is internal (or usb) restart your PC
  5. Re-connect to internet and open a window in your browser
  6. Open this page again (http://www.vermiip.es/show-my-ip)

If you have followed the previous steps:
You probably have a Dynamic IP.
Your current IP is different from the one you had for the previous visit.

You probably have a Static IP (fixed).
Your current IP is the same as the one you had for the previous visit.

For the last visit you had this ip: ( CET)

Date/Time of the server: CET
Date/Time of your PC:

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